Audits are Necessary Milestones for Commericial rCB Production

Recently, carbon clean tech AG (cct) passed yet another manufacturing audit from an international automotive supplier, one of the largest worldwide for non-tire rubber. We wanted to take this opportunity to comment on how important it is for recovered carbon black (rCB) producers to be able to successfully meet and pass audits of this nature.

The rCB industry has changed from just a few years ago, where the product of “tire pyrolysis” was shunned rather than celebrated. Carbon black recovered from post-consumer rubber is now ready for wider industrial use, thanks in part to industrial-grade facilities like ours in Germany, which is producing a packaged, pelletized product from a single feedstock source.

Only facilities which can delivery high quality and consistency on a regular basis are in the position to pass audits, such as that mentioned above, and fulfill stringent customer demands.




New Product Numbers

As of November 1, 2014, carbon clean tech AG (cct) will introduce new product numbers for its range of recovered carbon black (rCB) grades. The new numbering scheme gives cct and our customers a clearer structure and allows more room for growth. Here are the current product numbers and their past counterparts:

cct-6100 (old: CCT-632)

cct-6200 (old: CCT-610)

cct-6400 (old: CCT-60C)

cct-6600 (old: CCT-60A)

For current datasheets please contact us for a login to our technical library.


Inside rCB Production

cct’s recovered carbon black production facility was recently featured in a promotional film from carbon black manufacturing expert François Terrade.

Terrade’s consulting firm, Pro2Act, specializes in supporting companies in the optimization of carbon black processing technology. Mr. Terrade has extensive experience in the carbon black industry, having previously worked for Phillips Petroleum, Continental Carbon, Deutsch Degussa, Columbian Chemicals and Cabot Corporation.

Filmed solely at cct’s industrial production facility near Magdeburg, Germany, the film highlights the potential for the growing market in carbon black recovery and shows the team and facility at the forefront of this industry.

The film featuring cct was produced by Pirate Shot.