Recovered carbon black.

We are a product company.

We manufacture a high-quality and environmentally superior alternative to traditional carbon black, for use in the polymers industry.

Our commercial grade products have been used to substitute several ASTM grades. In addition, we continuously develop special grades with unique properties for new polymer applications.

Our production plant is the first of its kind to operate at an industrial scale in Europe.

As per industry standard, all our grades are pelletized and shipped in standard sacks or big bags.

Resource recovery for a circular economy.

Rather than utilizing costly and highly polluting natural resources as feedstock (i.e. oil), our recovered carbon black is produced from post-consumer rubber products, such as tires.

For every full truckload of recovered carbon black (rCB) sold, we and our customers prevent the consumption of 68 ton of oil, avoid emissions of 57 tons of CO2, and convert 7500 post-consumer tires into a purposeful resource in the circular economy.

Our process efficiency results in only about 2% waste (textiles, water and residue).

Primarily, the feedstock is converted into rCB. Two additional by-products result from the process as well: oil and steel.

By-products are sold into markets that are uncoupled from the carbon black world. Diversifying our revenue streams supports our goal of delivering a scalable solution to an environmental problem, as it isolates us from industry specific market fluctuations.


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With every truckload of product our customers have ordered they sustainably increase their margins.

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