Sustainable Applications.

Products that contain carbon black, from your cell phone to the tires on your car, are everywhere in modern society.
carbon clean tech (cct) contributes to the creation of sustainable polymer products and applications by producing its
recovered carbon black (rCB) from post-consumer rubber instead of oil.

cct rCB grades can be applied as a partial substitute of traditional carbon black in a variety of tinting
and rubber applications, providing customers with a sustainable alternative with significant cost savings.

Rubber Applications.

Rubber manufacturers are not only under pressure to improve productivity and quality, but also to incorporate sustainable solutions.

ElastX™ rCB grades from cct are ideal for substitution of traditional carbon black in industrial rubber goods applications such as extruded profiles, molded parts, calendered rubber sheets and conveyor belts. rCB is also well suited for tire inner-liners and tubes.

Tinting Applications.

Traditional pigment carbon black is used in a wide variety of applications and
products ubiquitous in modern society.

TintX™ rCB grades from cct are ideal for substitution of traditional pigment carbon
blacks in applications such as plastic masterbatches, coatings, films, paints and injection-molded parts. All cct rCB grades comply with the European Union
regulations (EU 10/2011) for food contact.

»What makes the biggest impression is that the quality of this product is repeatable and there is no need to make changes in our formulation because of differences in performance of each batch. Our products, produced with cct-6200 rCB, have stable properties and a wide range of use (press molding, extrusion, injection molding). We see significant future potential for this product in order to save on costs and provide a sustainable product to our customers.«

Krzysztof Kruk
Technical Manager, UniRubber SP.ZO.O.